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Boost Your Business with AI-Driven Marketing

Experience cutting-edge marketing services like AI driven copywriting for optimal reply rate and ROI, AI appointment setting follow-up agents, cold email and LinkedIn outreach and targeted paid advertising (with AI-generated video ads) to drive growth

Create & run your
marketing campaigns
Fill up reps' calendars
with hot leads
Hit your sales goals
- month after month

Too few bookings for your sales team

Too many reps prospecting poorly. Too many $$$ spent on crappy results—again. Too many manual lead-gen tasks. Too many no-shows for too many meetings. And too many sales goals missed too often.

Ugh. Breathe. We make lead-gen un-suck.

Lead generation for your B2B buyers…

With a complete strategy to guide your marketing. And a proven pro to create, run & improve your campaigns. 

More Meetings

A calendar automatically filled with high-quality meetings

Less No-Shows

More people showing up to more appointments

Better Flow

A predictable flow of leads & appointments every month

Right Conversations

Know you’re always talking to the right buyers

More Responses

More people responding to your emails

Better Results

More conversion for all your outbound marketing

“Night and day is how I would describe our leads today. We are seeing an increase of 7 leads per week of qualified individuals. We are no longer chasing people who are not a fit for us, our messaging is clear, and the percentage of increase in sales is roughly 25-50%. Our sales cycle has now gone from 6 months to less 90 days.”

~ Russell Wine, VP of North American Sales, SEP


Why wait any longer?

Your leads sure aren’t. 

Schedule a call

Meet to learn more
Identify your pains
Determine if we’re a match

Book more meetings

Build your strategy
Create & run your campaigns
Have better meetings

Win more deals

More awesome leads
More automated processes
More predictable revenues


I grew up in Silicon Valley…

and saw how well tech companies built & delivered their goods. Impressive processes, solid teams & great energy. But how they marketed to their audience—ah, not so much. Messages were confusing, campaigns fell flat, sales weren’t what they should have been.
What good is having a brick of gold to sell if no one knows about it? I started this business to help tech companies bring eyeballs to their gold. How? By generating leads to have more meaningful meetings, with more vetted buyers, getting an ROI for their lead-gen marketing—sooner than later.

Want that for your tech products?

J.C. Granger
CEO of Infinity Marketing Group

See more of my marketing & tech rants on my podcast.

Why Choose Infinity's AI-Powered Marketing

At Infinity Marketing Group, we combine cutting-edge AI technology with proven marketing strategies to deliver unparalleled results. Our expert team specializes in creating compelling copywriting, executing effective cold outbound email campaigns, and designing targeted paid advertising. By leveraging AI, we ensure every campaign is optimized for maximum ROI, helping your business thrive in a competitive market.

- Choose Infinity for innovation, precision, and success

12+ years worth of satisfied customers


* Spent more $$$ than you got back? We’ll refund you for the difference! Which. Is. Rare.


Grow your marketing where you thought you plateaued

Thought you peaked, huh? We’ll show you otherwise.
LinkedIn Outreach

  • Improve your personal & company profiles
  • Identify target audience to speak to the right people
  • Write the messages to promote their products
  • Automate & run campaigns to build your network

Email Campaigns

  • Acquire lists for the right audience
  • Design, write & create your email campaigns
  • Automate & run everything so you don’t have to
  • Fill up reps’ calendars with qualified leads

More Meetings

  • Fill reps’ calendars with appointments of qualified leads
  • Define & reply to if-then scenarios
  • Screen & forward leads to client for other conditions
  • Ensure no lead is left behind—by responding to all leads

Conversion Rate

  • Analyze brand message to know what’s working & what’s not
  • Make suggestions to improve the messaging
  • Improve content to get more people clicking their buy, try & call buttons
  • Test, monitor & tweak to improve conversion rates

Video Clip Marketing

  • Perform recorded interviews with clients
  • Create short pieces to use in ads, videos & on social
  • Create & manage schedule to publish onto social channels
  • All to shorten cycles, increase conversion rates & be seen as a trusted authority in their field

Paid Advertising

  • Create your marketing strategy
  • Build targeted list of qualified buyers
  • Write your ads
  • Create, run & monitor your campaigns

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Why gamble with your marketing budget?

“I’m overwhelmed with lead-generation. Tired of getting too few quality leads. And frustrated with a sales funnel that’s often empty. I want an expert who’s done this a 1000 times before. To book more meetings, with more leads, more ready to buy.”

Nice. Let’s make that happen.

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