Inbound Marketing Pricing

Marketing that works is marketing that can run on its own.

Our 12-month exit plan sets us apart from our competitors.

Are we a fit?

How Much Does Inbound Marketing Cost?

Here’s a hard number: $5,000.

That’s how much we’ve found our technology industry clients should, at minimum, spend per month to assure results they’re happy with quickly. Most of that budget will be aimed at paid advertising to help drive immediate traffic to their website

Another important number: 25 percent.

If you want to exponentially grow your sales, that’s the percentage of the money from sales you made specifically thanks to our marketing campaigns that you should reinvest back into campaigns above your original monthly spend. This way your marketing budget quickly pays for itself and can scale along with your sales growth.

How Much Should We Spend?

The truth is, the cost is different for every client, because every client is different. Each client has a unique budget and marketing goals. The best way to determine the cost of your inbound marketing strategy is to talk to us directly.

Good inbound marketing companies know that offering the same package plan to every customer is inefficient. Not every company wants the same goals from their inbound marketing, and the same plan won’t work for different companies. It’s the agency’s job to develop a plan that works within your budget but still meets the measurable goals set. That’s why we work with you to develop a strategy that actually fits your company– not someone else’s.

The Value Of Infinity


Remember to not just think of your marketing budget in terms of dollars. You should also consider whether or not your budget is being used effectively. At Infinity Marketing Group, the number we use to prove our effective value to our customers is “twelve.”

Twelve is the number of months it takes to build and optimize a marketing strategy that you can run on your own. We believe that, if a marketing agency knows what it’s doing, it should only take twelve months to develop a marketing infrastructure, strategy and execution that are so automated and optimized that an intern or fresh college grad could run it. We’re so confident in our 12-month exit strategy that we’ll train your new in-house marketer for the last two weeks of our agreement with you.

We’ll give them all log-in access, our current “method to our madness,” and advice on future strategy to ensure your company is in good hands moving forward.