Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Small business owners breathe numbers. They wake up with dollar signs that dance in their minds and set their heads on pillows at night counting the customers that walked through their doors during the day.
Well, here are the numbers you need to know about mobile apps.
Nearly 80 percent of the world’s population subscribe to mobile device services.
There are more mobile devices than there are people that roam the planet.
Mobile devices now account for 55 percent of Internet usage.
The average mobile device user installs 26 apps on his or her phone.

Mobile apps are now the dominant feature of a compelling Internet marketing strategy

Why You Should Crave Mobile Apps like You Crave a Hot Fudge Sundae

Mobile apps work in the same way as software programs that you download on your personal computer. The apps have specifically designed purposes that operate on wireless computing devices, such as tablets and smartphones. Providing your customers with software they can access on the run can give your small business an edge for several reasons.

Engaging Your Customers

You can’t always expect to be available to interact with your customers, so why not allow a mobile app to provide the interaction for you. Small business apps engage with your customers in real time, from presenting coupons that save them money to answering questions about your products and services. Mobile apps connect with your customers via social media to spread the word about your small business.

Customer Service 24/7

Infinity Marketing Group specializes in developing mobile apps that enhance small business customer service. If you sell to customers who live in different time zones, you need a mobile app to handle customer service issues. We help our clients develop mobile apps that make it easier for customers to learn about client products and services.

Promote Your Small Business

Think about the number of potential customers that pass your small business every day. The million-dollar question is how to get some of those potential customers to turn around and say, “Hey, let’s check that place out.” We can help you create a mobile app that notifies potential customers who walk by your store of coupons they can use to save money.

How We Can Help

You can work with an Internet marketing specialist that outsourcers its mobile apps development or choose to collaborate with a company that gets in the trenches with you to produce customized mobile apps that grow your business. The mobile app project managers from Infinity Marketing Group work closely with clients by suggesting mobile app features that they need, not mobile app features that fatten the holiday bonus checks. We not only create cutting edge mobile apps that attract new customers, we also help you market the apps to loyal customers.

Here’s What You Get from Infinity Marketing Group

Now that you know why your small business needs to develop mobile apps, let’s look at why Infinity Marketing Group is the best company to make your mobile apps dream a reality.
Affordability-We only charge $85 per hour, while most of our competitors hit you for triple digits ($120 – $200+) per hour.
Satisfaction Guaranteed-We work with you until you decide you are 100 percent satisfied.
Mobile App Experts-You work with mobile app development experts, not pushy sales people.
Customization-Because Infinity Marketing Group takes interest in your business, you can expect us to cater your mobile app needs to your unique business needs.
Marketing-We don’t just create the best mobile apps, we also make sure your customer prospects and loyal patrons know about the mobile apps after launch.

Two Types of Apps Equals Happy Business Owners

Our mobile app development professionals attack mobile applications from two angles. They create consumer apps that provide you with highly functional tools that help you improve business operations. Mobile app support functions for businesses include online marketing and financial tools. We also approach mobile apps from the gamer’s perspective. Our novel approach does not mean we develop mobile apps that keep you up all night trying to achieve the highest video game level. The expert mobile app developers at Infinity Marketing Group create gaming-like mobile apps as educational tools for your potential and loyal customers. Think of our gaming-like mobile apps for business owners as the chalk that allows you to teach customers on a virtual chalkboard.
Infinity Marketing Group can help you reach more of the over 1.75 Billion people who use and interact via mobile devices.

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