Bad website design turns visitors away before they can become leads. We’ll make sure your site is concise, relevant and makes capturing customer information easy.


Ever visited a company’s website and immediately decided to leave? Chances are it was because it had inefficient web design. Outdated graphics, too much unnecessary content or a site layout that makes finding specific information difficult are all signs that a website needs a design and development overhaul.

Design Excellence

Excellent web design is about more than just looks– it’s about removing obstacles in the way of potential leads and easing the way toward their conversion. Just because a site has a large number of monthly visitors doesn’t guarantee those visitors will become leads. High bounce rates, low visitor to lead conversion ratios and a low average of time visitors spend on your site are all signs that potential customers find it too complicated or too unpleasant to find the information they need to become viable leads.

Infinity Marketing Group can help you streamline your site so that visitors are encouraged to give you their contact information and move further through your sales funnel. We’ll make sure your site has everything it needs to capture leads and none of what it doesn’t.


Ultimately, the goal of good web design is to present a positive user experience. A better user experience will encourage visitors to spend more time on your website and make it easy for them to contact you and easier for you to collect their information. The ultimate user experience is one where potential customers can quickly and easily find the information they need, as well as trade their customer information to you in exchange for more of your expertise.


Although Design is most often used to describe an object or end result, design in its most effective form is a process. Defining problems, weighing options and refining selected directions are all part of the process of driving a brand forward.


inbound marketing is the art of leading potential customers to us by providing them value, when someone chooses to engage with your
brand or actively seeks you out.