We love our clients and they love us!

Russell Wine

VP of North American Sales, SEP

“Night and day is how I would describe our leads today. We are seeing an increase of 7 leads per week of qualified individuals. We are no longer chasing people who are not a fit for us, our messaging is clear, and the percentage of increase in sales is roughly 25-50%. Our sales cycle has now gone from 6 months to less 90 days. Get ready for a ride if you sign up with these folks, because it’s one fun and energetic process.”

“If you say to J.C. and team ‘go do this’ you can fully expect that they will get it done.”

Matthew Koucky

Director/Client Revenue Development & Management, EBS

“I have been working with Infinity Marketing for roughly 14 months and I have to be honest: The company is great! The people we have had the pleasure to work with are experts and have helped our business improve greatly. We have had Infinity Marketing do everything for us from White-Papers, Videos, Website, PPC, Social Media Advertising, and also consulting. We have seen our revenue go up substantially due to the new client base we have been able to generate. Not only that, prospects that we thought were dead leads, resurrected and turned into new clients as well.”

“If you are looking for an Inbound Marketing Company, Infinity Marketing, J.C. Granger, and his team is where you want to go – they are worth every penny and have generated a substantial ROI for our organization.”

Cassandra Murray

Owner, CLM Careers

“Infinity’s onboarding was so personalized, I felt like I was their only client. They’ve really done a lot with my LinkedIn prospecting efforts, expanding them much more than I could do on my own. As a small business owner, I struggle to connect with people on a day-to-day basis. I would spend most of my day doing what Infinity does on autopilot. Now I can spend my time strategically building my business instead of on these repetitious administrative tasks that take so much time.”

“I’ve seen huge growth in my network and you can’t deny that. I can’t thank these guys enough!”

Jordan West

Founder, Owner & Director of Business Development, Mindful Marketing

“We hired infinity marketing group to help us reach out to people to book our podcasts through LinkedIn and through email. It’s been incredible! There’s been days where we’re getting 12 applications for our podcast. These people actually do turn into clients eventually. I cannot say enough good things about the service. They’re taking a lot off our plate and our team’s plate.”

“It’s absolutely incredible! We’re feeling overwhelmed in a good way. These guys are the real deal. Highly, highly recommend these guys!”

Dana Fialdini

Director of Development and Marketing, Studio East

“We have used Infinity Marketing for almost a year now and have been super thrilled with their customer service and onboarding process. I absolutely would recommend them to any non-profit or organization that is looking to expand their marketing and increase their visibility across many different platforms. Thank you so much for all you do for us.”

Bill Mell

President & CEO, RAPID Technologies

“We’ve greatly enjoyed working with Infinity Marketing Group in launching our LinkedIn marketing efforts. We’ve been impressed with the customer service provided by their team, and equally important, the results that we’ve seen since implementing their service.”


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