Growing a business is hard. See how our creative approach has helped companies just like yours

Growing a business is hard.

See how our creative approach helped companies just like yours.



Inbound marketing a client centric marketing methodology that targets buyers during the various phases of searching for assistance. Instead of waiting to appear during the final phases of the Buyer’s Journey, inbound uses a client centric approach to find clients before they are ready to make a final decision. This allows you to build rapport with potential clients, as well as to obtain their information during the various stages of searching.

  • Inbound saves money by focusing on helpful content for clients during their search for products and services
  • Inbound provides a client-centric approach, leading to longer lasting relationships and more repeat clients
  • Inbound is more effective than traditional methods of online marketing



Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click (PPC) refers to efficient manipulation of the Internet and social media to market your business. Essentially, it is paid advertising spread across the various platforms such as social media and Google/Yahoo/Bing.

Search Engine Optimization

As the name implies, search engine optimization is the strategy that gets your small business ranked near the top of the three primary search engines: Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Most people never click past the first search engine page.

Web Design/Development

Website design and development is more than just a great layout and some fancy words to wow your prospects. An inbound marketing website focuses on capturing information so you can nurture long lasting relationships.

Social Media Management 

We use what we’ve learned over our years of experience to tailor engaging and relevant content across all social media platforms. We create a personalized approach to engage your clientele and develop your brand.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful marketing strategy that nurtures curious clients by providing helpful and useful information. We use an effective strategy and implementation to allow our clients to convert prospects and monitor their growth.

Content Creation

Client-centric models are based on being helpful, and at Infinity Marketing Group we will help you create blogs, posts, whitepapers, videos and more that will capture your target audience and convert them into prospects in your sales funnel.

clients that Love Infinity

“Infinity Marketing has been able to strategically grow the presence of the American Diabetes Association – Los Angeles on LinkedIn. This new presence has been an asset to spreading our mission to prevent and cure diabetes and to connecting our cause to the leadership of major companies and organization.  They have been very helpful, flexible and professional and we look forward to our continued relationship.”

Jennifer Campbell

Executive Director, American Diabetes Association

“I have worked with worked with several other people trying to maximize the impact of our Google Grant and you have been by far the most knowledgeable AND easiest to work with. You have always been ther to answer questions in a timely fashion, give explanations that make sense and offer great suggestions as our needs changed. I highly recommend other nonprofit organizations taking the time to speak with you and learn how they can increase traffic to their website or blog.”

Susan DeRemer

Nonprofit Communications Specialist, Discovery Eye Foundation

“I have had the pleasure to work with the team members at Infinity Marketing for 12 months. If you’re looking for a firm that exhibits professionalism, quick turn-around, and a salient skill-set to match – this is your company.”

Matt Morrison

Founder and Director, ShopSquawk!

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