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The Future of BizTech Podcast features interviews with the most innovative and forward-thinking Tech CEOs and CMOs in the world. 

Listen to hear how they built their companies, when they hit that tipping point from start-up chaos to success and, most importantly, how their technology will change the future of the industries they service. 



Epi 3: How Technical Applications are Changing Business Development – Matthew Segur, CEO of TimeSeries

Learn more about TimeSeries at: https://www.timeseries.com/ Find Matthew Segur on LinkedIn here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/matthew-segur-4ab90b8/ JC: Well, hello everybody and thank you for listening to The Future of BizTech Podcast. I’m your host, JC Granger and I have with me today, Matthew Segur of TimeSeries – Matthew, thank you so much for coming on, and I’m very much looking forward to asking

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Epi 1: Why Automating Employee Training Will Change Your Company Forever – Chris Ronzio, CEO of Trainual

Learn more about Trainual at: https://www.trainual.com  Find Chris Ronzio on LinkedIn here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chrisronzio/ JC: Welcome to another edition of The Future of BizTech. I’m your host, JC Granger. And I have Chris Ronzio here with me, the founder and CEO of Trainual. As a quick transparency, I’m a client of Trainual, I love Trainual, that’s why I have him on.

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