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How to Stand Out with SaaS Marketing

Successful SaaS marketing, or Software as a Service, does not follow the same marketing model as a one-and-done software purchase does. The SaaS business model depends on a much different approach to customers, lead generation and sales conversion. Because of the way SaaS is designed, it doesn’t neatly fall into traditional marketing strategies for physical products or for a service– after all, you still have to sell the customer on the product itself.

J.C. GrangerHow to Stand Out with SaaS Marketing

Engaging Social Media Followers in the Tech Industry

Getting your social media followers to engage with your content when you’re a tech company can be a lot like trying to get middle-school students to like math. What your content is providing them can be incredibly necessary but, especially when it comes to B2B focused content, the granular nature of the information you’re sharing can be dense and boring. Not every tech company can be selling sleek-looking electric cars or a sexy new phone app.

J.C. GrangerEngaging Social Media Followers in the Tech Industry