How to Use LinkedIn for B2B Lead Generation

Every entrepreneur knows how important it is to get leads through LinkedIn. What if we told you there was a way you can tap into networks of over 500 Million people to find your next customer? The power of LinkedIn for B2B lead generation is undeniable, but it’s often overlooked. 

Our experts break down LinkedIn’s capabilities and how you can leverage them to create a LinkedIn lead pipeline for your B2B business. 

Why is LinkedIn so effective for B2B lead generation?

A major focus of all B2B companies is lead generation. Reaching out and cultivating new business relationships isn’t easy. Even some of the most experienced sales experts struggle with this. Luckily, LinkedIn is a tool that’s helping B2B companies everywhere nourish and earn ROI from leads they’ve found on the platform. 

B2B lead generation is highly targeted. Because of this, LinkedIn has created a tool called Sales Navigator which allows B2B businesses to hyper-target prospects they’re interested in working with. 

What is LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

LinkedIn was built to help industry professionals create working relationships. The platform went one step further, building LinkedIn Sales Navigator to help businesses make sales.  

Sales Navigator goes beyond the benefits of LinkedIn premium, allowing you to make more than just connections. More specifically, users are given expanded search filters, can access extended networks, and have algorithms that are personalized so they’re able to reach people who are more likely to become warm leads. 

A few benefits of LinkedIn Sales Navigator include: 

  • It can be used by one person or a team of salespeople 
  • Offered with a tiered pricing structure to fit your needs 
  • Allows you to maximize sales on LinkedIn!  

Infinity Marketing Group’s LinkedIn Lead Generation service delivers warm leads straight to your sales team? To learn more, reach out to us at or call us at (303) 834-7344.

I Filtered Prospects Using Sales Navigator. Now What? 

We highly recommend using a CRM to help you and your sales team stay organized. Once you have a list of prospects, we recommend pursuing two avenues of authentic outreach. 

Creating a LinkedIn drip series is a great way to introduce yourself to prospects, show off your knowledge, and show off the range of services you can offer. This drip series should focus on building rapport. 

Consider created an email drip series as well. Since you have the email address of your prospects, reach them where they are most – via email. Similar to outreach on LinkedIn, remember that to make a sale, creating a relationship first is key! 

3 LinkedIn B2B Lead Generation Tips

When it comes to LinkedIn lead generation, no one gets it right the first time. Here are a few tips to help you get ahead of the game. 

1.) Optimize Your Profile


When you start LinkedIn lead generation efforts, don’t forget to update and optimize your own LinkedIn profile. After you send messages and emails to your first prospects, you better believe they’re going to check out your LinkedIn profile.  

After you’ve completed your own page, work with your team to update your LinkedIn Business page. The goal is to make the best first impression, so doing this ahead of time will help you make those B2B sales. 

2.) Be Authentic in Your Messaging

First and foremost, sell to others the way you like being sold to. Rather than leading with your sales pitch, offer your prospects a freebie. Maybe it’s a whitepaper or a link to your company’s latest podcast episode. Whatever it is, it’s critical that it provides value and that you ask for NOTHING in return. As the relationship develops, the services you offer can become a part of the conversation. 

3.) Test, Test, Test 

In your LinkedIn and email drip series’, be sure to split test your messaging. If your first message or email continues to get ignored, it’s time to try a new subject line or change up your introduction.  

When you get discouraged, remember that your competitors are actively selling on LinkedIn. Keep testing your messaging so that you get those leads versus your competition!  

Want Warm Leads Delivered to Your Sales Team? Linkedin-B2B-lead-generation-for-warm-leads

The LinkedIn platform has been built with lead generation in mind. By providing companies with tools like LinkedIn Sales Navigator, LinkedIn has solidified its place in the lead generation sphere for B2B companies. If you aren’t using LinkedIn to get leads, you should start now! 

Infinity Marketing Group provides a done-for-you B2B LinkedIn Lead Generation Service. If your sales team is ready for warm leads, our experts are here to provide them! For more information, email or call 303-834-7344.

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