3 Ways Your SaaS Can Utilize Video Marketing Right Now

If you’ve been wondering where you need to up your SaaS Company’s game, there’s been a ton of talk this week about video marketing. Did you hear that LinkedIn is the latest to jump on the live streaming content bandwagon? Although some think they are late to the game, I think they’ve been smart to wait.

Call-to-action buttons that DARE you to “Click Here!”

Guys, it’s almost 2018. If you’re not incorporating a strong call-to-action (CTA) on your website or e-mail blast – you’re missing out! Just as Netflix leads to chill, CTAs are a direct path to conversions and revenue—and who doesn’t love a little ROI? (Hint: Everybody loves ROI, especially your boss).

3 Astonishingly “Simpler” Steps to Choosing A Company Name

Today I helped an aspiring entrepreneur come up with the name of her new company.

She showed me a picture of a massive white board that she had brained stormed on and still couldn’t come up with a company name she liked.

Me: “Let’s do a quick exercise. We’re going to come up with 3 words that best describe what you want to offer and I bet when we’re done a name will emerge. First question, who is your target market?”

How Your Brand Can Drive New Revenue Through Immersive Augmented Reality Experiences

Most people know about AR (augmented reality) as a gaming/entertainment engine that Pokemon Go has brought the concept to the attention of mainstream consumers. But what if AR went much deeper than an immersive source of entertainment? Augmented reality has shown promise of innovation in a number of industries and as we begin to really see the concept develop into a fully realized technology that could disrupt the way we experience life – it’s time to consider how to use it to give your brand a competitive edge.

The Conversion Rate Optimization Tactics Most SaaS Marketers Will Miss in 2018

We all are aware that conversion rate optimization, when implemented correctly, can completely transform your business online. But marketers often jump in with stars in their eyes and begin testing random things like the site’s button colors, images, fonts, headlines, etc. All this ends up leading to is disillusionment, and organizational support wanes as inconclusive tests show low ROI.