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Is Cold Email Legal? The Do’s and Don’ts of Email Marketing

Let’s talk about what cold email marketing is — it is a resource to use to communicate with a list of prospects. It’s a main way of communication that feels less intrusive than the cold marketing phone call. It’s a powerful marketing service when done correctly.

If you consider email marketing as a public relations tactic, you need to understand the rules and regulations that can turn your innocent approach into a legal nightmare. The CAN – SPAM Act is a law in the United States that regulates commercial e-mail. It does not prohibit anyone from buying or selling your email address, but it does prohibit you from sending out bulk unsolicited e-mail. When done properly, cold emailing is not SPAM.

Sending cold emails can be a very lucrative part of your leads strategy as long as you abide by the rules. It is a very effective sales outreach channel and yes, cold email marketing is legal if you’re reaching out to business contacts.

Unsolicited emails can be sent through corporate subscribers as long as the email content is relevant to their business. Those need to be B2B emails need to meet certain requirements.

What are the requirements?

Be careful targeting your prospects. Your business should be logically connected with the business activity you are reaching out to. Make sure in your email, you contain information that allows for the recipient to unsubscribe or be removed or changed from your send list at any point.

B2B cold email communication is legal as long as you simply opt-out and your personal information is subject to the same privacy laws as your email address and other personal information such as telephone number.

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Keys to Cold Email Marketing Success


Carefully segmenting your email lists by creating lists of recipients that have replied, those that have opened your email more than once, and those that have clicked on a link.

It is recommended that you remove your prospects that have not opened your email after 30 days. Segmenting audiences helps you identify those that are interested in your services and allows you to further personalize your message as you move your customers further down the funnel. This leaves a better impression on your recipients and ultimately, protects your domain. 

You’re always limited to how many emails your client will allow you to send while taking into consideration that your email could potentially be blocked. The key to sending an email to a list is to make it sound more like a personalized, professional email. 

Personalize your messages. The more you can segment your lists, knowing your audience the more you can personalize your messages by business, past behaviors, or a connection you may have to that person or company.

Testing, Testing, Testingis-cold-email-legal-InfinityMarketingGroup

In order to send your emails at their best potential and have peace of mind that your emails are giving you the most out of your return. Make small changes to your email and keep track of those under and over-performing strategies. As you notice trends and responses to various email techniques such as color, verbiage, and tone you will discover better engagement results in your email campaigns.

Experiment with such things as your subject line, length of your email, personalization and your call to action. A/B testing emails helps clearly identify which unique approach works for your prospect base. Make adjustments based on your results and remember, consider small changes to ensure a clear winner in your testing strategy. 


Consider how many emails will make your campaign, what your emails may look and sound like and always consider personalizing your email. Keep your email engaging. Offer your recipients something of value. Build credibility, identify a reason for emailing, and streamline your emails through a series.

Streamline your cold email process. Rank your leads, send follow-up emails to the top generated leads. Ditch the emails that haven’t responded and follow up with those that have opened or reacted to your email by building your credibility, giving those recipients something of value and delivering a strong call to action.


Ensure your signature line is coming from a specific salesperson and an easy way to get in touch with them. Consider eye-catching subject lines, and using first name and company names where applicable. With a name and company name, you’re more likely to end in email inboxes. Do not overcomplicate your message.

How Do You Send A Cold Email?

There are several email service providers that specialize in sending cold email messages. Keep in mind that these messages will need to be scaled down into smaller batches and can potentially send hundreds of emails out per day without spamming anyone. 

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Tailor your messages to your ideal recipients.  Writing an email is a craft, be convincing and interesting. State your purpose with clarity. Write your message in a friendly voice and introduce yourself, be clear and direct. Offer a value-added incentive. Be careful of your verbiage, don’t come off as too sales-y and avoid using common spam words.  Treat your first email as an ice breaker. A fantastic cold email is one that creates a connection between the sender (The Company) and the recipient. Concentrate on the key items you can offer the recipient versus what you want them to do for you.

Establish yourself as a credible source of information. Remember, you’re an authority on the matter, so communicate effectively and confidently. Hit quick, key points on your reputation and successes, don’t be afraid to brag. Be confident and proactive.  Send a simple invitation to connect, create time on your calendar.

Need a Cold Email Marketing Expert? 

Cold email is legal and can be incredibly effective. Remembering to follow the rules is the key to any successful campaign, especially when the consequences can be pricey in the number of fines that can accrue if sending cold emails isn’t executed properly. To successful campaigns, remember to be specific, sincere, and ask them to take an action.

The main benefit of all this is that you can send cold emails. To take advantage of this amazing marketing avenue, be sure you follow the guidelines set out in the bylaws. If you get it right, cold emails can be an effective way to generate warm leads. We always recommend looking for professional help, at Infinity Marketing Group, we can help you develop a successful cold email marketing strategy that will quickly find prospects. For more information, email us at or call today at (303) 834-7344.

J.C. GrangerIs Cold Email Legal? The Do’s and Don’ts of Email Marketing