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How SaaS Companies Can Crush Social Media

Marketing for Software as a Service is different than marketing software traditionally. It’s also different than marketing a true service, since you still have to focus on selling the product. Luckily, the unique marketing advantages of social media for SaaS help make marketing for software in this space easier. Social media may be a needed part of your digital marketing arsenal to start, but a smart marketer can make it work especially well for SaaS.

J.C. GrangerHow SaaS Companies Can Crush Social Media

Social Media Influencers, The FTC and You

Over the last several years, social media influencers have become a viable channel for marketers of all types to bring their products to market in ways that were previously unattainable. The FTC has also observed this explosion of opportunity and has shot a few arrows over the bow in regards to native advertising disclosure, even calling out major brands like Warner Bros.

J.C. GrangerSocial Media Influencers, The FTC and You