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“Doubling Down” A Discussion with Mission Matters Marketing Podcast

“Mission Matters Marketing” with Adam Torres recently spoke with J.C. Granger talks about how the COVID-19 is the perfect time to consider growing your business. Adam Torres is Co-Founder of Mission Matters Media, a media and publishing company dedicated to the needs of business owners, entrepreneurs and executives. Adam is an international speaker, author of multiple books and host of the Mission Matters series of podcasts.

Now is the time to “Double Down” on your marketing and sales effort by stepping up your game and not letting fear get the better of you.

Our very own J.C. Granger, CEO of Infinity Marketing group, recently discussed why it’s important to increase your marketing efforts during times of a crisis to propel a business forward. IMG has been in business for 9 years, specializing in B2B technology companies. We’ve learned plenty of lessons from the beginning of our agency. Having thrived through the recessions in the past, we’ve found ways to become stronger than ever before by “doubling down”.

Mission Matters Marketing: What does it mean to double down?

You and your company have no other choice but to survive during this pandemic. Infinity Marketing Group looks at committing your company’s strategy and upping your course of action in order to prove that you are the strongest, most reliable and knowledgeable in your business and are here to help with your company’s strategy. Every business will need to thrive in the tech industry, which may mean making a huge pivot in your overall marketing strategy.

We create resources for companies that offer help to those that are in need of technology updates and places to get trusted information. Companies are searching for solutions, efforts should turn to reaching out for prospects. Fulfilling tech demands that are needed and fulfilling your customer’s needs online in a tech environment. Many businesses may consider pivoting who they are reaching out to in order to continue thriving and meet the community’s needs.

Software that makes an impact for people, helping their companies and their people get through tough times right now. If you are in the industry that helps people and your company thrives because of your service, now is the time to push out your information, seek out prospects and start with putting your best foot forward. Go above and beyond. Build your credibility. Prove it with testimonials and stories.

Now is not the time to stop advertising and marketing. Do not let uncertainty hold you back from putting your company out there, it could be the next success story on the other side of our crisis.

Prove your loyalty and experience.

Value helping people with full-service. 

Doubling Down with Infinity Marketing Group

We will help deliver marketing products to encourage business growth during this period specializing in:  

We will design your marketing plan with your business in mind. There is no “one size fits all” strategy. Every digital marketing strategy is designed with the goal of self-sustainability in mind. Now is the time to double-down, building up your list of prospects and proving your credibility in your field.

J.C. Granger“Doubling Down” A Discussion with Mission Matters Marketing Podcast